RATES  (As of 4-15-18)

Introductory Flight$50 / hr*  *** Flight time only.  ** Plus cost of the airplane
Flight & Ground Instruction
Phase Checks
FAA Wings Program Phase Flights
Simulator Instruction
$60/hr A  typical lesson consisted of a preflight briefing (instruction), a flight, and post flight briefing. Typically 2 1/2 - 4 hours should be planned for a lesson. Minimum of 3 hours.
Block rate available.
See Notes 1 , 2, 3
Biennial Flight Review$60 / hrMinimum of 2 hours.  Can be combined with aircraft checkout, IPC, &  FAA Wings flight.  See Note 3
Instrument Proficiency Check$60 /  hrMinimum of 2 hours. Can be combined with BFR, aircraft checkout &  FAA Wings flight.   See Note 3
Checkride Preparation (oral and flight)$60 /hrTypically takes 8-10 hours.   See Note 3
Simulated Checkrides
Student Evaluations
$400         *250Includes document review, simulated oral and flight test, and debrief.      * Followup session.    See Note 3
Aircraft Checkouts$60 / hrMinimum of 2 hours. Can be combined with BFR, IPC, &  FAA Wings flight.    See Note 3
Pilot Mentoring / Safety Pilot
Pilot Services
$75 /hr *  OR
$500 / day
RONs $100 + expenses;   No-fly days-$300
*Minimum 4 hours    See Note 3.
Aircraft Management
Aircraft Purchasing Assistance
* Per individual agreement
Air Charter ReferralsNCNo charge
Part 135 Simulated checkride$350Simulated 135.293, .297
Part 135 Document Services** Per individual agreement
Aircraft Maintenance Logbook Review,Digitalizing, & Database Summary$1000 +
* Additional $25/hr charged for research if needed. 
1.  Block Rate / Discount:  $1000 buys 20 hours of instruction (reduces ground instriction rate to $50).  In the event a refund is grranted,  the instruction provided will be charged at the regular rate (do block discount will apply).

2.  Hourly rate start from the time lesson is scheduled until the completion of the post-flight brifing  (typically 3 -4 hours).    Minimum of  $100 charges for no-shows, or  cancellations  with less than 4 hours notice. Exceptions to this are cancellation due to  weather, illness, airfraft issues, or emergencies (as determined by me)    

3. If flight is conducted in customer's aircraft, the aircraft insurance must cover the desired activity, and I may need to be a named insured with a waiver of subrogation.

4. Payment can be made by cash, check, Venmo, Paypal or VISA/MC.   Prices shown above reflect a cash discount of  3% (checks are considered the same as  cash). Checks returned due to insufficient funds will result in an additional fee of $50.